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Show pricing


To qualify for our show rental prices you will need to rent at least six costumes.

One standard rental period is 5 weeks in duration. Additional rental periods are half the original rental price. So..If you need costumes for longer than five weeks: add half the total cost to your figure.

Shows are priced by the production. To arrive at some idea of what a show may cost use this formula:

Total number of costumes times $50.00. This is an average price only. Costume rental prices range from $20.00 and up. It all depends on the type of costume you need.

Typically this will provide a ballpark figure for the total cost of your show.This figure will vary depending on certain factors:

  • How far in advance your show is ordered
  • The size of your actors
  • How many costumes would need to be constructed
  • Breakaway costumes
  • Cost of shipping--We have found an average price to be about $4.00 per costume.
  • Length of production
  • Complexity of costumes
  • Type of accesories

The most important factor is time. The sooner we are contacted about a show the better pricing we can provide. As soon as the characters have been determined and the overall style of costumes has been chosen --give us a call. Before we start pulling or building costumes there is a long list of things we need to do. Sometimes we don't have a particular style of costume. In that case we need to build them. It takes time to order fabric in. There is also a considerable amount of paperwork on our end that needs to be done. Giving us your information in advance allows us to better serve you by providing detailed reports regarding the costumes and clear, accurate, packing lists when the costumes arrive.

In some cases we will be designing new costumes. The more time we have to confer with you the better the results.

We reccomend that initial contact is made as soon as the decision to do the production is made. Please, please do not wait until the show is cast.

We have "character specification sheets" that list the character, the number and type of costumes required. When the show is cast use our measuring forms for each actor. When we have this information we consult with the director as to thier wishes regarding the costumes. Once we know how many costumes can be pulled from stock, how many need to be constructed and the complexity of any constructed costumes we can prepare a firm quote for the director. These forms are downloadable or we would be happy to send you a show packet.

The best thing to do is to contact us directly. We can talk over the needs of your production and assist you in planning for your show