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About our Company.
The Costume Loft

The Costume Loft was in operation between 1984 and 2016. The doors were closed forever after the death of the owner and founder Margaret F Calson. With over 15,000 costumes and accesories available and a staff that encompassed experienced designers, artists and seamstresses. The Costume Loft offered a wide range of imaginative and innovative ideas. We provided service throughout the United States for theater, film,commercials, special events and Period / Theme weddings.



The People

Marti Calson
Owner / Costume Designer

Marti studied costume design at UCLA and Choinnard Art Institute and has been costuming for over 50 years. With an emphasis on period costumes, she brings a high level of knowlege, creativity and expertise to her business.

Marti spent many years in the theater as a performer, director, lighting designer and costumer. From 2 person shows to large cast musicals she knows what it takes to get a production from concept to performance.

Marti believed in research and always did her homework. She believed that costumes should be as accurate (and comfortable) as possible.

Kevin Calson
General Manager / custom makeup - prosthetics

Kevin grew up in the theater and has performed, directed, conducted and designed many theater productions. He was with the business off and on from it's beginning in 1984 and understood the needs of clients.

Specializing in sculpting for prosthetic makeup appliances, airbrush body art, special effects and props; from time to time he would weld frameworrks for costume accesories. A a man with ever changing shaping talents.

He also overseed the accounting and computer operations for the business of our in-house software system which Kevin developed and maintained giving The Costume Loft greater flexability in serving the clients. This website was created by Kevin with assistance and artistic contributions from Marti Calson and Cathy Calson of Calson Graphics.

Kevin could be found at the sewing machine, preparing a P&L, sculpting body parts and costume accessories or digitally altering photographs for the website. It all depended on what wass needed on any given day.

Barb Osterholm

Barb was a longtime friend of Marti's. An outstanding seamstress she constructed many of the items that were in the shop"s inventory. A veteran of communitty theatre in the area she was an actress and a Director

There many other people over the years-- some we loved --some not so much.




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