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The Costume Loft uses our own, unique, measuring system. When we are pulling costumes for a show we use these measurements to pull or build costumes that fit the actors. Even when we never see the actor face to face. Measurements are the most critical element that ensures proper fit of costumes. Whenever possible have experienced do the measuring. If at all possible have a single person do all the measuring. We have found that we can spot errors in measuring when a single person does the measuring. There are a variety of reasons for poor measurements:
  • Misunderstanding of a measurement.
  • Measuring over heavy clothing, such as sweaters
  • Measuring over bulky wallets
  • Measuring on the diagonal for horizontal measurements
  • Measuring below the waist--This is due in large part to current clothing style where pants and skirts are worn below the waist
  • Different undergarments than are actually worn during the production

We do not use commercial measurements such as "size 8" . We have found that those types of measuring systems vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. They also vary according to the type of store garments are sold in. Higher end stores typically have smaller numbers.

Actual measurements allow us to fit costumes correctly. Even with accurate measurements there are certain body types that can create complications. Athletic types, for instance, can be tricky to fit. For those types of builds we sometimes require additional measurements.

We cannot guarantee fit unless we have measured the actor in person. In most cases this is not possible. However, we allow for this and will gladly send a replacement costume if the costume just doesn't fit. We want our clients to have successfull productions and we work very hard to make this happen.

Feel free to contact us if have questions regarding measuring.

The Costume Loft