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Halloween Makeup

Please make appointments early -.
Call today and ask for Kevin.



Onsite Makeup Services

We can do anything given the right amount of time and a photo or description. Our services include standard application, airbrush, foam prosthetics, custom masks, hair, noses, scars, wounds, rock stars...many of the tools used by theater and movie makeup artists. We proudly carry Ben Nye, Kryolan and Cinema Secrets makup products.

Makeup service are only offered to customers at our facilities (We are located in Albany, Oregon).

Airbrush body art

Kryolan and Ben Nye have developed some wonderful products for airbrush work. The makeup goes on lighter and lasts longer. The possibilities with the airbrush are limitless. We are fully equipped to do airbrush body art in our shop.We charge a very low rate of $30.00 an hour.


We also do custom foam prosthetics, masks or body parts.

I was honored to win First place at the opening night party for The National Costumers Association held in Los Angeles this year. My costume featured one of my very first masks



Current big projects:

Hyena, Orc, Caveman, Elvis, turtles and old people pouches, mascots; teeth, coffee cups, talking plants

See our picture gallery

If you are looking to be Kizz, the Joker, Darthmal, you name it, bring us a picture and we can do it. We are here to help your vision become a reality.

Please take the time to call us or email us. We are a company designed to provide great products and services.

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