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Beauty & the Beast,Caesar & Cleo, Devil & angel, Gambler & Saloon girl, Romeo & Juliet, Prince & Princess
Guinever & Lancelot, Robin hood & Maid Marion, Scarlet O'Hara & Rhet Butler, Neptune & Mermaid
Nun & Priest, Sheriff & Showgirl, Hippies, My Fair Lady 2, Medieval, Musketeer , Pasha, Pharaoh
Smilin Jack, Renaissance, Sorcerer & witch, Wizard of Oz, Wench, Flapper, Gangster, Genie
Gibson Girls , Gypsies, Bull fighter / Matador, Henry VIII, Titanic, Warrior, Wife of Henry VIII
Ziegfeld showgirl, Angels, Austin Powers, Celebrities, Barbarians, Bavarians, Belly Dancers , Dance Hall
Dragons, Queen Elizabeth, Fairies, Spanish Dancer